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It is officially summer and the weather is warming up and it’s the perfect time to take advantage of your home’s beautiful outdoor spaces. Though the urge to get some sun and fresh air may be strong, we know in the spur of the moment, it can be hard to come up with outdoor activities for the entire family to enjoy. Here, I outline some fun ways to get the most out of your patio and backyard with the help of items from Walmart, to elevate your summer memories with your family. 

The first step is to setting up your outdoor space for an all season long enjoyment, is to start off with power washing your outdoor space and then setting up of outdoor furnitures. You can find a variety of outdoor furnitures at Walmart that will serve your family for years to come. I found this beautiful outdoor furniture set, which will accommodate a growing family and provide a great space to relax. 

Here are the items I recommend for outdoor furniture:

  1. An outdoor furniture set 
  2. An umbrella for shade 
  3. A swing egg chair 
  4. A small dining set or a small bar set 
  5. An outdoor area rug 
  6. A grill 

Now, let’s move on to the fun activities that we can do with the family! Spending quality time with the kids is a great way to build a strong, solid bond. If you feel like everyone in the household is always doing their own thing and not spending nearly enough time together, check out these list of the fun outdoor activities to do together. These are the activities that can keep children and adults entertained for hours. They’re also the perfect alternative to digital activities, helping you get your little ones off the electronics and outside for some fun in the sun on a nice day. 

Family outdoor game nights

Outdoor Game nights are the perfect way to enjoy the beautiful warm weather with the family and I know in the spur of the moment, it can be hard to come up with outdoor activities for the entire family to enjoy. Here are a few fun items from Walmart that will help to get the most out of your patio and backyard.   

Cozy Movie Time 

How can you enjoy this year’s biggest blockbusters without going into a crowded theater? You can get outdoor TVs and speakers to create an outdoor movie cinema experience and you can find all that you need at Walmart. Don’t forget to add some string outdoor lights to complete the cozy vibes. 

Water Activities 

There are so many backyard water activities, whether you have a pool or not. If you don’t have a pool, Walmart has a variety of water fun items, that the entire family can enjoy. I recently got several of these for my kids and they love it! Water balloon is their favorite and I also love it as well, I mean who doesn’t love a good water balloon fight?! You can find a bunch of balloons at Walmart, fill them up with water and supplying each person in the household with their own bucket full of balloons. Have fun running around the backyard or even the front lawn while attempting to soak one another with the water balloons. It’s a great way to cool down on a hot day while exercising as you run back and forth!

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Have fun creating beautiful memories with your family and happy summer! 

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