Start with Your Surface

Any size or style of console will do, from a glamorous metallic model to a rustic weathered-wood design. For this example, we chose a glamorous mirror table.

Stack Books and Boxes

On each shelf, create one or two stacks of books and decorative boxes. These will act as pedestals for accents, allowing you to place items at varying heights to create an engaging visual rhythm.

The aim here is balance, not perfect symmetry, so don’t stress over creating precisely even stacks—in fact, a little variation will create a more interesting finished look.

Give It Some Height

Be sure to bring in at least one piece that’s taller than the lower edge of the artwork’s frame; this will help to unify the art and the vignette below it.

Start Layering in Accents

Next, we brought in shapely pieces to break up all those vertical and horizontal lines, and a vase filled with greenery for a bit of softness.

Light It Up

Whether it’s a gorgeous table lamp, a swing-arm task lamp, or even a picture light, every console could use a light source—after all, you want to highlight that gorgeous vignette you just created!


Now stand back and admire your handiwork—and start contemplating the next place to apply your styling prowess.


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