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Decorating a boy’s room does not have to be boring. The key is to add in their personality and style. They are at an age where they probably want creative freedom, which is great if that means they want something simple and chic, or they may want something fun that reflect their style. They may probably will have to be some compromises when it comes to design and decor, but that doesn’t mean you can’t both create a room that’s stylish, functional and reflects your child’s tastes. And Walmart has plenty of decor to fit so many design style.

Joshua’s design style is mid century modern and he wanted a few décor pieces, to help him get his room ready for back to school. We got few essentials from Walmart for his room and he loves it. My favorite is the storage ottoman that flips into a table! His room is definitely giving a teenage boy vibes 🙌🏾🤍.

Walmart is a one stop shop all things decor and can help you bring your design and decorating ideas to life.

Here are some tips on designing and decorating a boys room:

Pick a color scheme: I would recommend adding in an accent wall to create some drama in the room. This can be done by just using paint, which is temporary. The drama of deep color creates a fantastically effect and adds some drama to a boy’s bedroom. Pair deep navy walls with greys, blacks, and whites for a classic scheme that’s going to grow with them. Joshua’s room color scheme is black and white with touches of brown and grey. Walmart makes it easy to shop for a boys room and all of his bedroom decor are available at Walmart.

When styling a teenage boy’s bedroom make sure you always get them involved in the design process. I got Joshua involved in the design process of his room and I’m so happy that I did. I’m the process of designing his room with him, I realized his design style is Midcentury Modern, which is different from my style. We found all that we needed at Walmart to design his mid century modern themed bedroom. Create a mood board together so you both have an idea of the vision you are going for. Look at color schemes, themes, furniture, materials, any patterns they might like that you can bring in with wallpaper or bedding.

Storage is also important as teenagers tend to collect lots of belongings over the years. Helping them to find clever ways to organize their room may Include getting functional ottomans that serves as a table and can be used as storage. We got Joshua this functional ottoman that he can use as a table and also have tons of storage, which will help him keep his room tidy.

I’ll also recommend adding a desk to a boys room to give a more grown-up looking room and it also creates a comfy and practical space to do homework. Joshua’s desk is from Walmart and he loves that it has storage as well. There are so many desk options at Walmart to fit any style.

Below are a few of of favorite home decor finds for a boy’s room, at Walmart.

Shop all of Joshua’s bedroom decor from Walmart below and on my LTK Page 

Joshua’s Desk

Joshua’s desk lamp

Joshua’s nightstand

Joshua’s storage basket

Joshua’s storage ottoman

Joshua’s alarm clock

Joshua’s nightstand lamp

Similar nightstand

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